Green Growth Community

2023, URBDES Studio 1

Lin Xu

Tutors: Dr I-Ting Chuang (Course Coordinator), Prof. Diane Brand  

With a focus on addressing climate change and regional stormwater challenges, the Green Growth Community Project centres on neighbourhood-level urban renewal. It proposes a sustainable development model that truly responds to the different needs of neighbours.

Nestled in Napier’s heart is the iconic Art Deco CBD, bustling with pedestrian activity. The sunny coast and open spaces yield favourable site conditions. Challenges persist: homes in the flood zone, inadequate drainage, and a central area dominated by supermarkets and parking, intensifying car reliance.

The project envisions tackling floods, involving the community in sustainable development, and enhancing local culture and nature. Through ecological processes, innovative design, education, and policies, the aim is a resilient living environment with stormwater control and habitats within affordable housing. The initial 30-year phase emphasizes flood retreat, tram development, and bike lanes alongside green infrastructure. Progressing to 50 years, the focus shifts to new green spaces, medium-density mixed-use neighbourhoods, and interconnected rain gardens.

The willingness to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle, the choice of neighbours to have the way they want to develop, and the support of authorities and communities are three key pillars for a green future.