Echo of the Stone Valley

2023, D5

“Echo of the Stone Valley” is a captivating fusion of contemporary design and historical significance. Situated on the historic grounds of the “Three King Quarry,” once Auckland’s largest quarry, the park pays homage to its past, while embracing the future.

The design concept of the sculpture park creatively integrates the nearby Big King Mountain’s silhouette into the site. By cutting structures to align with the mountain’s ridge and contours, a striking geometric aesthetic is formed. These cuts also create pathways, fostering a unique visual and experiential connection with the surrounding landscape.

The park is divided into two distinct area, each space showcases a unique facet of the project’s vision. To the east, The Recreation area is where the silhouette is imposed, housing a central area, a cafeteria, a workshop and more. Intriguingly, the workshop area opens doors to the creative process, inviting visitors to witness and participate in the evolution of stone objects.

On the western side, the exhibition area showcases a captivating array of stone sculptures, demonstrating the possibilities of modern stone production techniques in crafting intricate artefacts and architectural elements. It’s a space where art and nature coexist harmoniously, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of stone artistry.

The park offers a serene retreat, where visitors can unwind amidst lush greenery amid the quarry’s remnants, all while embracing the artistry of stone. “Echo of the Stone Valley” is a testament to the interplay of history, art, and nature, inviting all to partake in its captivating narrative.