The Uptown Projection

2023, AD1

Jose Benjamin.

Tutors: Geoff Pitts.  

“How do we project/present ourselves to others, and how can that relate to architecture?”

“How can the architecture itself exhibit unique characteristics of a vibrant place like Uptown through projection?”

The project caters to Uptown’s creative community, particularly film and performing arts students. The building supports students in honing their craft by offering affordable housing and dedicated studio space. The studio’s projector facilitates showcasing students to the public by utilising the existing ventilation shaft as an open canvas for these visual performances. The project uses projection to enhance the essence of Uptown, creating a lively gathering space for people to interact, all while providing a platform for aspiring filmmakers and artists to project their creativity to the general public.

The building itself performs as it engages the street, inviting people into the vibrant space. Projection can also refer to the manipulation of light, which can result in a dramatic and one-of-a-kind experience for people in the vicinity. Each space is related to film ideas and functions like a movie set. Each floor space represents a distinct scene setting from a movie regarding openness, circulation, geometry, solidity, and a void. The people within the space play a part in the movie scene.