The Integrated

2022, D6

Naomi Felicia.

Tutors: Tom Owens.  

As an extension to the existing Auckland Maritime Museum, this project builds on the proportions of the existing structure while utilizing residual space developed for the America’s Cup.

This extension provides a new vantage on nautical experience while reflecting on earlier maritime voyages via the transition of light and dark as a medium for navigation and perceiving a sense of time. Voyagers discovered a method of orientating themselves through the connection between the positioning of the human body and the movement of the celestial body.

The overall experiential quality allows the user to experience a series of light gradations, highlighting the different functions of spaces. In the center is the exhibition hall, the in-between space of the dark and light contrast where the user experiences light transitions. This allows a rediscovery of a sense of orientation, experiencing navigation by positioning oneself in the center while studying the movement of their surroundings. The restoration and conservation spaces positioned against each other indicate the differences between the two programs, while one restores an artefact, the other preserves it. Therefore, the restoration space is closer to the water, with lighter architectural experiences, and the conservation space is placed closer to the land.