2023, Design 3

Derived from the word Pisces, CSPEIS 6 (Space 6) began with the memories of domestic living and the lightbulb. The invention of the artificial sun allowed us to create false environments in our homes for ourselves and other species, such as fish.

Designed to be an aquarium specialist shop and family home in the Vinegar Lane precinct, CSPEIS 6 poses as a formulated concept of the bridge between the urban and the natural. It critically examines the connection between our domestic lifestyle and the domestication of fish. The design actively explores this unique cohabitation and symbiosis through literal and abstract biomimicry, reflected in the building’s facades, structure, circulation and planning.

“Losing oneself in the detail of light and shade, one feels that one is the presence of an essential impression seeking expression” – Gaston Bachelard.