Union Street Community Centre & Performance Hall

2022, AD2

Acknowledging existing some material, social, and historic conditions, this proposed extension to ‘The Temple of Higher Thought’ at 1 union street takes an inward approach to the rejuvenation of the site’s. The aim was to understand the site as a potential sanctuary from noise and congestion rather than one which was to be the seat of alterations that sprawled outward affecting its surroundings. The centre’s spaces where therefore bundled in windowless screening which protects the occupants from visual and audial pollution produced by a neighboring motorway off ramp. No glazing on this aspect made the entry of light from above essential hence the abundance of skylights, a pitched roofline and a mezzanine area which runs around the building’s perimeter producing a sort of inverted lightwell effect for rooms furthest from direct natural lighting. The core principle of the project however was to develop a set of empty and ambiguous spaces primed for use as elected upon by the community. Each space possesses qualities – such as their ability to be opened, divided, or concealed – that may encourage them to host activities ranging on spectrum from introverted to extroverted or on one involving a group of many, right down to only the individual.