Kiwi Dreamer

2022, AD2

In New Zealand, we are fixated on owning a detached family home on a quarter-acre section. This is what New Zealanders have dubbed the “New Zealand dream” or the more patriotic version: the “Kiwi dream”. The Kiwi Dreamer is a response to the nightmare reality of this dream. Disguised by a series of propped cardboard-cut-out-like elevations, like a Potemkin house, the collage appliquéd home “puts on a façade”, both in the architectural sense and the cliché. The house displays a picturesque Ponsonby villa with a picket fence, dainty mailbox, manicured hedge, and an egotistical beamer (BMW) parked out front. However, when investigated closer, the components are tactile, meaning that the public uncovers the truth of the so-called “Kiwi dream” and the lifestyle that supposedly tags along with it. An accompanying looping video blasting through a dated television compiled a history of our strange national identity in all its idiosyncrasies and idiocies. This is the Kiwi Dreamer: a 3×3 metre villa reproduction constructed with 90×45 timber like a doll house, all cloaked in an election campaign like signage skin.