Silo Tower Terminal

2022, Design 6

Beomsoo Kim.
Tutors: Matthew Le Grice, Tom Locke, Liam Stumbles

As our world faces an unprecedented environmental crisis, the architecture discipline finds itself increasingly called upon to radically rethink the concept of a building in search for more sustainable ways for humans to inhabit the planet. In order to overcome such crisis, radical thinking and speculative design are important tools for critiquing the status quo and discovering new pathways forward.
The defined programme for this project is a Ferry Transport Terminal located at Wynyard Point in Auckland with specific function of connecting two different locations for micro-mobility devices and pedestrians.

I present Silo Tower Terminal as critical design approach to integrate current issue of the location. The project’s architectonics, programme and performance will deviate from the meaningless reproduction. Moreover, show the new-norm of our industry to face the greatest threat to humanity which brings into question of the definition of construct architecture and the ability to change current status of surroundings.