A Journey of Connections

2022, Design 4

Haerenga Hononga (A Journey of Connections) is a one roof long whare with a separate utility unit that focuses on whanaungatanga, journey and connecting (weaving). The planning of the project started from understanding the key terms and values of Maori living, designing an adaptable Maori housing in the modern Aotearoa. The idea of weaving people together, developing connective relationships in the long whare is developed in our floor plan. We applied this concept to replicate the flax crossing movement as a form of connecting individuals, tying the relationship closer to form a stronger community.

Housing all one hundred residents under one roof, on one deck was important to us because we wanted each of the separate whanau staying at the papakainga to merge and mingle as much as possible to create one large network of people consisting of the individual relationships that each whanau and individual might have with each other while at the same time balancing this with preserving each whanaus individual privacy, values and individuality.

Our solution to this was to create a system where each individual room would only house approximately two individuals and be mostly free standing and the orientation and positioning of the openings of these rooms would suggest a ‘cluster’ where three rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen/dining would subtly create a ‘whanau block’ which would give each family a space of their own while still being a part of the social fabric of the entire building.