Spontaneous Awareness

2022, Design 2

Through concepts of unity, spontaneity, and appreciation, I created a community house which engages the community through various methods to create a safer community. I decided to design this as due to covid, I felt the increase in separation within the community which resulted in an increase in crimes.

To tackle this problem, this building encourages increasing civilians’ awareness of their surroundings and cultural growth to create a more secure community. This is achieved through various methods throughout the building, such as the clay walls, which must be annually rebuilt with citizens’ help. This allows their personal input and experience to be stored throughout part of the building, which helps them appreciate the building, the culture, and the community itself.

Furthermore, the ample yet divided space through proxemics allows citizens to interact naturally with each other, which may not have been expected. These unexpected encounters with other citizens helps growth in community and secure it.