2022, D5

We are conditioned to strive for perfection, we’re taught to always aim towards excellence, to achieve a life that could be considered paradise. But why are we taught that perfection is the only way to live blissfully?

While tracing paradise, I have used the Divine Comedy as a template to aid in exploring the movement of a metaphysical journey, of having an overwhelmed mind that is filled with doubt and fear, moving towards a place of understanding and healing.

Maungauika,/ North Head was a suitable site for these ideas to be materialised as the existing structures were produced out of fear, inherently having the qualities of Inferno embedded. The site had the potential to manifest into a metaphysical journey of the realisation on how paradisiacal healing is and to seek comfort in being in either the dark, light or both.

When finding a program that best reflected this metaphysical narrative, the idea of two related functions was developed: a proposed walk through the existing tunnel system with an entry gateway and observatory lookout and the adaptive reuse of the old barracks as a youth camp with accommodation.

Together, these programs are an aid for the youth to better understand themselves. To find that healing is the new paradise.