Look at yourself !!

2022, Design 1

Located it in Wellington, next to the Beehive, this wall aims to create space for self-reflection for people such as protestors or politicians. I created this space due to lack of thinking in this society and wanted to offer short moments in life to have a space to reflect on their actions.

As they enter the wall, an ocular experience through large, polished metal walls (essentially a mirror) shows the users what they look like in context with others. As they enter, the curved surface of the wall reduces the ocular experience through shadows bringing out other sensory experiences. Especially the aural. Because of the hard and curved properties of the wall, it echoes the sound around it. If there were protests, aggressive sounds would echo, however, this could also be empowering to who believes in that protest.

This wall stands to create such experience. To ask users if the path they are taking is correct by experiencing themselves in context.

This journey in sensory experience is designed based of anthropomorphism. The large walls at its peak height with its shadows makes users feel small allowing them to become modest and face themselves rationally.