The Connection

2022, D1

Is it possible for two people with opposite living habits in the same house? “The connection” is a residential design for two; a “night owl” who wakes up in the afternoon and stays up until late at night and a “early bird” who likes to wake up in the early morning and sleep at night. This project aims to find a balance between them and connect two users.

The form of the house is a combination of multiple ovals bubbles in the concrete, with long columns down to the seabed. The furniture is all built-in, as it is “grow out of nature.” The interior is an open plan where all the spaces are connected without any barrier. The “early bird” bedroom is at the very top of the house, with a large oval window where the sun shines into the room in the morning. The bedroom and working space for the “night owl” are on the opposite edge of the house, hidden under the ocean, so the “night owl” could sleep well during day time. The distance between two private spaces allows them not to disturb each other, while the central space is for them to enjoy their time together.