Hay Folly

2022, D5

The Hay Folly is made of hay bales – the stuff made of paddocks. Much like where it will stand, it is designed to disappear after two years. Like a sandcastle on a beach, Hay Folly will eventually melt into itself and exist only as a memory. The folly is conceived as a temporary structure through its material use. Its organic nature means that it will naturally decompose into the land when pulled apart.

The approach to the folly is cloaked in mystery and intrigue. A single opening draws visitors past the wall and into the folly. Visitors become part of the architecture as visitors weave in and out layers of space. Visitors spiral into the core and are met with a reward – a place to sit. The folly distils and curates a singular framed opening. Like a periscope, it amplifies the world on an intimate scale.

No concrete is used – instead, the structural foundation is buried in compacted gravel. Its simplicity of assembly with a refined application takes on a modular approach. Intense scrutiny of the material composition has led to the clarity of materiality and construction.