Educational Residency

2022, D5

The project Educational Residency is designed as a faculty building situated over the Wellesley Street Bridge, designated for both Fine Arts and Architecture students conceived through a series of model making exercises derived from Josef Albers’ oeuvre.

The building has two guest residences, one for an architectural guest lecturer and a fine arts guest lecturer, intended that students would experience shared papers taught by the two disciplines. The project provides an architecture for students in which they can benefit from faculties with many similarities but minimal tangible relationship; it seeks to mutually expose students to nourish contrasting challenges. Conceptually the project follows the student exercises of Josef Albers analysing and implementing principles of, Transparence and Space – Illusion, Equal Light Intensity – Vanishing Points, Factual Mixtures – Additive and Subtractive, Make One Colour Look Like Two and Make Two Colours Look Like One; this all being tectonically executed in conceptual models, informing the form and program of the bridge and residences.