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2022, D1

The ‘Walldoor’ project is primarily a performance wall located in urban environments (Aotea Square). One of the walls key features is the old door facade which simulates the idea of “New doors lead to new adventures”, and the temporary nature of the design. The walls structure is scaffolding, which allows the wall to be shaped and manipulated per performance. The moduluated system allows citizens/theatre producers to decide what is front/back (which was the key aspect behind Dorita Hannah’s wall initiation). The wall itself has two layers of scaffolding. The two layers allow for modulated stairs and platforms that fit within the scaffhold frame that also serve as mini-spaces. The modulated stairs/platforms allow actors to reach the higher openings in the wall facade. Another use for the modulated stairs is that the public can extract them and use them recreationally while a performance is not underway. This open scaffold wall gives a 360 degree approach to theatre as there is no back stage. The wall can be packed down and moved between cities/urban environments.