The Patchwork Towers

2022, D3

As Auckland’s CBD becomes more car-free, alternative ways of transportation become more viable and attractive to its residents. This brief challenged us to reimagine the Chancery Square Carpark and convert it into a mixed-use complex in a sustainable way. “Patchwork Towers” is a residential estate that reflects the diverse population of Auckland on its interior and exterior.  

Client 1 is a Japanese Buddhist: the “genkan” space leads to a stepped-up living space. Planned according to the traditional “Kyoma” method, the floor plan is dictated by tatami mat sizes. A Japanese tea room with a removable tatami mat floor has been attached to the bedroom for the client to host religious gatherings. “Yukimi” snow windows frame views from the tearoom at eye-level when seated. The paper “shoji” screens highlight Buddhist values of anti-permanence.  

Client 2 is an inter-generational Moroccan family. Modelled after a traditional Moroccan riad house, the entry “setwan” greets guests, which opens up to a “courtyard” dining/living space branching off from it. Characteristic of Moroccan architecture, 3.6-metre-high doors with arched entryways mark every doorway. Cognisant of Muslim values, a balcony featuring lattice screens for privacy and a prayer room was added.