2022, Design 3

In this climate, quarantine is a word associated with the feelings of uncertainty, restriction, and loneliness. Isolation shouldn’t be taken for granted but instead embraced as a time of self-reflection taking the day to day demands we often look past more slowly and thoughtfully. reCenter is a place for overseas travelers to immerse themselves in the landscape of Manukau. The villa is nestled between the momentous volcanoes and the site’s rich cultural and historical significance. It is a culmination between the site serving Auckland as a food basket in its history and in the present as an important role to keep the country safer in the modern needs of today.

A GRC roof drops down its northwest corner to the earth giving a sense of the building emerging from the ground, with the mass suspended, sheltering the space. With the nature of its slope, it has an indented guttering for stormwater collection. Adjacent is an undulating pavilion screening out each villa for privacy eliminating the hesitations to spend their time outdoors.

Each program is arranged in a way seeking to engage the users with the architecture and nature. A sensory choreography between the balance of movement and rest.