Hybrid Flats

2022, Design 5

“Hybrid Flats” is an experimental project that explores the “2019 Venn Room” concept with LIDAR scanning and Mozilla Hubs.  

The “Hybrid spaces,” dependent on their functions are created by the overlapping of multiple scans and accessed through several portals from the main room of every user, thus, leading to an expansion of experiences that respect the physical perimeters of the real space. For better visualization of the LIDAR scans, Blender and Mozilla hubs were used as tools for modifications. 

The experiment targeted two scenarios: A socializing complex for two with the aim to create a socializing VR space containing a common living, cinema and exercising space. And, the studio space for three, which aims to create a remote design studio that utilizes VR collaborative tools to achieve more efficient workflows. The testing of these scenes was carried out with actual spaces provided by volunteers and showcased the potential for future developments. 

One major potential is laid within the health industry, with the potential of allowing for more immersive interaction between doctors, family, and patients in need to stay within hospitals for long-term treatments.