Project Ultra-Plant

2022, Design 5

Project Ultra-Plant, saturated in a post nuclear war environment, seeks to find a new way of living for the survivors through the incorporation of mycelium materials. The project visions use of future technology with architectural space, together create an architecture that is able to grow and expand through time. The idea of the project is to suggest a new way of living without the influence of capitalism. The system of the architecture involves the core and the individual living pod. Each resident starts with their own pod, through the use of a metaverse connected with the pod, residents are able to find their own building materials to construct their pod in real life in exchange with collecting plant genes. During the same time, residents can also choose to stay in the metaverse. The building core is able to provide resources to each pod through the internal mycelium network that links the pods together. Overall, Project Ultra-plant is an adaptable architecture system, it places nature and humans at the same level, working together to reform the damaged environment.