An Idyllic Pastoral Urban Story

2021, URBDES Studio 2

In this project, we want to preserve a beautiful pastoral scenery in the continuously developing urban environment and build a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) model for the community as well as promote a low-carbon lifestyle here.

There are 3 key moves to reach our goal: to build an eco-friendly system, to create a TOD model based on our site, and to do some detailed block design. There are several components of the eco-friendly system including bike lanes, water detention lands, the natural flood park, avenues with old trees, street gardens, and city farms, etc. The floodwater on our site will be used to support our eco-friendly system. We have a central business street that connects the bus station with our site. The open space system, green land system, and different kinds of parking space will cover the whole site. The pedestrian-friendly streets and parks will promote a convenient walking environment here. And we also made some detailed designs about the blocks to launch our sustainable and low-carbon lifestyle, especially our idea about city farms.