North Smales Park: Masterplan

2021, URBDES Studio 2

North Smales Park will establish a Green Oriented & Transit Oriented Development for Auckland’s North Shore. 

A large green spine will provide a unifying element at multiple scales: 

  • Small – Streets, shared spaces and greenways
  • Medium – Activities 
  • Large –  Green spine

This will be built around the existing streams and trees of the site and so connects its future to its past. 

Pedestrian movement will be prioritised through a tight grid that will allow for dense residential development at a human scale. Vehicular movement will be channelled through key corridors to parking, forcing visitors to move through the grid. This will create a strong sense of vitality at street level. 

A modular built form makes the development and each block and precinct unique. The arrangement of modules creates intersecting spaces that are unique in privacy, function and their relationship to streets and the green spine. 

A new bridge extends the grid network to Smales Farm and Rapid Transit, and the rest of the region. 

This makes North Smales Farm the conduit for a new kind of urbanism for the North Shore and New Zealand.