Untitled. X

2021, Design 6

Untitled. X is a boutique hotel featuring an open gallery and a series of ten hotel rooms. The rooms and gallery create an experience where the architecture becomes the canvas for the guest. Guests are invited to modify spaces – to paint, sculpt and create. Within their rooms, they establish an interpersonal connection between themselves and their work. When the stay is complete, the room is exhibited, becoming part of the overall gallery. Alternatively, guests can book the space, essentially experiencing the gallery for themselves. 

The design is inspired by cubist forms, particularly sculptural works. These forms are extracted and rearranged to form an architecture that sells the experience. The form serves from exhibition rooms to hotel rooms, creating a consistent language throughout the design. The cubic form allows for a gridded division in plan allowing a clear distinction of space, emphasized further by the use of lightwells that highlight each room. The cliché of modern art is used in this project where areas are left intentionally ambiguous. The architecture is a catalyst for ideas and servers to frame the artwork, while the works themselves provide the character.