Transnational Alumni Portal

2021, AD2

Albert Park, located on land adjacent to the University of Auckland’s main campus, has an almost forgotten secret, the hidden Air-Raid tunnels from World War 2 and the North Facing Gatekeepers Lodge. The Lt. Richard Maclaurin Chapel is located directly behind the Gatekeepers’ Lodge. It plays a significant role with the Mythological and Subterranean narrative in this Project. The Lieutenant was killed in action off Norway whilst serving in the fleet air arm of the Royal Navy during WW2 and this ignites the Norse mythological, Nouveau narrative of the Design Tectonic.

There are three main layers to this intervention. The first above ground level exposes the Nouveau tectonic in a deliberate expression of juxtaposition, with three kinetic cubes married to their respective host forms. These cubes are linked by a modular timber structure, of repeating proportion, celebrating a past tunnel framework below, which defines the North axis above. The second, Transitional Layer, extends three levels and defines the junction of the spiritual world below with the human world and intervention above. The third, final permeable layer is located behind this and is comprised of solid and void, Seminar and Development spaces. 

The first point of contact – Gatehouse, playfully engages the visitor with inviting kinetic flanks providing a large and deliberate threshold for entry. Consideration for the physically impaired, via universal design methods is standardised to the required parts of the intervention. The evocative forms throughout the intervention, accompanied with a Nouveau language, aims to create interest activating all adjacencies of the node for a transnational and interactive delight.