The Good House

2021, D2

My development of the Good House is set 79 years in the future, in 2100. Everyday living has been forced indoors as a result of uninhabitable levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This rapid increase in carbon dioxide boosted the growth rate of plants, which quickly took over architecture in or near New Zealand’s native bush. 

I have developed the Good House to inhabit the nuclear family of this time period, two parents and one child, in this harsh environment. The development includes a greenhouse, a recreational atrium, an educational space, and a central transitional zone. The overall redesign of the house was completed in 2029, taking influence from contemporary New Zealand architecture, this includes the expansive windows and steel cladding, whilst remaining faithful to Megson. The large ventilation units and expanded water distribution were added in a makeshift attempt to adapt to the environment, closer to the year 2100.