Restoration and Intervention of Claude Megson’s Jopling House

2021, Design 2

The overarching idea that informs the intervention is anchored in the concept of temperance, specifically temperance of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. With the building collapsed in the fissure, the lack of sunlight and heat in addition to the body of water at the fissure bed (as a result of rainwater collection), leads to an excess of earth and water qualities such as extreme dampness, cold temperatures, and tight spaces.

As temperance was the underlying idea of the project, the question was: how could the excess earth and water qualities be tempered by their opposing qualities of air and fire? The answer was sought through juxtaposition. By emphasising a contrast of elements, portraying a juxtaposition of earth and water against fire and air, temperance of the existing excess of earth and water qualities would be achieved. This was accomplished by retaining the existing earth and water qualities and incorporating architectural elements that embodied fire and air qualities in direct proximity to such earth and water qualities.