Resonant Tower (Over and Away)

2021, Design 1

Drawing inspiration from the resonance as well as the aura of the rimu plank we were given for the ‘Over and Away’ project, I wanted to create a design which incorporates various musical features to create a unique, introspective experience for the users. I accomplished this by incorporating gigantic chimes and strings that all vibrate harmoniously in the wind at the notes E, G# and B to create an E major chord (the note Mike’s plank resonated at). The extreme length of the chimes and strings create very low versions of these notes, maximising the physical vibration in the tower. The notes are also amplified by the 3.5m tall rimu base in a similar way to an acoustic guitar. As well as amplifying the sound the rimu base is also carved into on all sides to act as a ladder. The journey upwards leaves the user completely exposed on the vibrating ladder creating an intimidating and unsafe feeling which is then juxtaposed by the inwardly focused tower pinnacle where the user is surrounded by chimes and the view is guided through the steel mesh flooring into the hollow tower, these aspects are compounded by the slowly moving elements and sound, all combining to create a meditative state for the user.