Rauschenberg Residence

2021, Design 3

Rauschenberg Residence is a project to facilitate an artist residency in New Zealand for Robert Rauschenberg, derivative of an in-depth model making process responding to material investigations. 

The house functions as both domestic and experimental finding these thresholds being signified by conceptual definitions expressed through materiality and form. The homes gallery, studio/storage space, lithography studio and event space bare aluminium facades and interiors that are formally expressed as simple tri-folds. The material and program pertain relevance with one another by inherent material abstraction, being angularly expressed in three iterations, observed over time. The domestic being identified by material layering and mass, defining Rauschenberg’s eclecticism  through the collection of materiality, expression of their weight and textures as well as their interaction with one another. 

Through the project’s sectioning of programmatic conceptual investigations the atmospheres created become significant to the project’s disposition. The project synthesises the emotional underpinnings of these theses and observes their inherent atmospheric effects through material synthesis, being the final simulated materials realised by discarded items.