Gallery for the Visually Impaired

2021, D5

The project stems from a photographic and documentation perspective. The use of a camera Obscura created the recurring trend. Capturing the natural environment, losing detail through the photographic tendency of the camera Obscura. Then reimagine my own details where those of the captured moment had been lost.

The project was about taking the media process I was using and how translate that into architecture. This created the motif ‘something lost, and something found’.

The project comprises three elements to create the Gallery. The Way Point, The Guide, and The Moment. The Way Point sits at the high southern end of the site and frames the moment creating interest. Following the second element of the project, The Guide, a handrail painted in bright red. A colour I learnt is most visible to those with diminished visual capabilities. The handrail takes the user down the steep site following the winding pathways to The Moment. A tapered funnel, created with frosted Perspex, designed to amplify the sounds of the rustling trees above and acts as a collection of fallen items from above, encouraging the public interaction by watching objects found or enjoyed within the park become part of an ever-changing artwork.