2021, Design 5

SS. Isotoma focused on designing an object that explored limits and parameters of object-tracking, a method of projecting augmented information onto a physical object. The development of the design considered colour, form, and symmetry as crucial parameters, which would be essential in allowing software to track and project information onto the object.

The role of the digital information highlights and accentuates the form of the object, creating a cohesive product of both cyber and physical. However, the emphasis does not focus on digital information; instead, the tracking consistency was of more importance, especially when viewed from all perspectives. The presence of projections merely confirms the workings of the object. 

Translated into a virtual gallery, the experience of the cyber-physical object is placed online. There are no physical restrictions here, allowing for new experiences and approaches to gallery spaces. Artefacts on display have their space individually designed as the lack of physical restriction allowed for thorough customization. Again, the design of the space primarily functions to elevate the artefact. The final and concluding objective of this design was to preserve the characteristics of the cyber-physical object and communicate it into a digital space.