Puao is a fourteen-storey skyscraper that embodies the spirit of the Taniwha, protecting the people and the mana in which it surrounds. Bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual world, as the building symbolises the Taniwha rising from below the pavement, reclaiming the ancient rivers which used to run through Queen Street and Myers park. Key aspects of historic Maori architecture have been the basis, using pā site elevations, taking form of volcanoes and reconnecting to important sites such as Maungawhau. Utilising ancient principles of Maori design and defensive architecture, reimagined for the future. Visualising what a Papakainga could look like 50 to 100 years from now. The site is located on Greys Ave, adjacent to Mayoral Drive. The site is designed to accommodate for the future plans for Queen Street, and the possibility of restoring the ancient river which connected to Queens Wharf, allowing waka to once again return from the sea and follow the river down to Myers Park. Puao is a direct response to the inconsideration that has been given to Myers Park, with some proposed plans to put the light rail tracks through Myers park, disregarding the home of the Taniwha.