Home is In-Between

2021, D5

Although New Zealand is a multicultural nation, ethnic groups have been compelled to engage in temporary engagements within public spaces, like festivals and markets that provide only short-term visibility of ethnic culture. A permanent transcultural facility in Grey Lynn will facilitate engagement with ethnic education and entertainment and respond to Auckland’s increasingly diverse population. This project, ‘Home is In-Between’, will provide a venue for the exchange of different cultural ideas and assist migrants in adjusting to the community of Grey Lynn while retaining their original culture.

At the centre of the facility is a threshold whirlpool (1) of cultural exchange. Architectonically, the threshold is composed of scattering layers of translucent planes to give the illusion of colourful bodies floating between the personal enlightenment space above and the courtyard below. Personal enlightenment (a space of clarity) offers a serene and peaceful retreat from migration stresses so individuals can gradually make sense of their new environment. At the heart is a shared courtyard where the energy generated from the mixing of cultures pools and settles.


  1. Whirlpool is the metaphorical mixing of people. It’s vibrant, active and where conversations/ ideas are overlapped and interlaced. The spatial dynamic of the whirlpool mixes the social dynamics of the community.