2021, D5

From the exterior, the architecture of CHINATOWN 74 reflects the cultural and material hybridity of the existing surrounding site. Within, the interior space also showcases the hybrid composition, but divide into smaller rooms to highlight their own functions. The Exhibition gallery is separated to isolate the five senses, and accompanied with projectors scattered throughout the building, showcases how film can perform as an evocative sensory medium. Because of the partitioned layout, the building itself unravels a cinematic journey of its own; only showing pieces of itself at a time, the wandering spectator finds that with each turn of a corner, a new setting is revealed, with the occasional intersection of door arches framing from one expanse down to another. However, upon facing Dominion Road, the façade opens up to the view of the entire street and beyond, creating a visual connection between the new extension and its surrounding site.