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The Forgotten Void : A Reversal of the Auckland Urban Hierarchy

2020, AD2

Through the iterative exploration of “Borderless Cities” this project focusses on the abrupt boundary created between the street frontage on High Street and the forgotten voids which lie beneath the city’s facades and buildings. This project is an intervention to blur the boundaries between arguably the more beautiful areas of the city and the existing street frontage. Though iterative design strategies around an ever changing 1:100 model the project is an entertainment precinct celebrating the “void” as an architectural tool within a borderless framework removing the “doors” to the forgotten parallel world that runs alongside the city as we know it. The building is a mixed use office, retail and hospitality space exploring urban plan and architectural concepts from the Moroccan Media Cities. The Materials are deceived from what lay beneath the current fabric of the building. This aspect of the project was explored through photographic methods.