Lily Pad

2020, D2

Lily Pad” is the transformation of the Jopling house by Claude Megson, redesigned to fit the lifestyle of my family during the period of isolation caused by the current pandemic. The main focus of this project is the importance of both the physical and mental well-being of the occupants. Hence water becomes the primary element of the design that provides a remedy to the depressing experience of isolation. The heart of this project is the long continuous swimming pool that expands 42m long, dividing public and private areas while being the centre of relaxation and the main activity of the house. We can hear water as someone swims in the pool or when it overflows and falls to the room underneath. We can see the reflection of water that casts on the wall as the light shines on the surface of the pool. We feel relieved when our toes and bodies dip into the pool and watch the fishes swim in the ponds. We find excitement through various areas surrounded by water, designed to create therapeutic moments within the project.