Koishigure (恋時雨)

2020, Design 1

Koishigure (恋時雨) from my perspective is the temporary moment of a young love promise waiting to be realised in a light drizzling rainfall. A moment in which both individuals feel the suspense of their connection getting stronger as they stand together, revealing their true emotions and feelings to each other. To embody and convey these emotions, I chose 4 flowers which exhibit meanings supporting my view of Koishigure as inspiration for the form of the building. The flowers were Kinmokusei 金木犀(meaning truth and noble person), Sakura桜 (a flower of spring which is a time of renewal and displays the fleeting nature of life; a temporary moment to shine), Akaibara 赤いバラ(romance) and Nadeshiko撫子 (Pure Love). The flowers’ meanings and forms are integrated into the form to create “Koishigure”; a structure which creates a sanctuary for people to escape and relax through its form, atmosphere and relationship with nature. A space where people can feel united, transparent and truthful with each other. Koishigure is a pavilion located in Albert Park on the junction of Victoria Street and Kitchener Street.