2020, D5

Architecture on enthusiasm and balance.

Ethos is a dual Skyscraper and urban redevelopment project that offers a sense of orientation and belonging, creating harmony between people and spaces. A rich mixture of public amenities ensures that the building is not only an efficient service but also the public face of a vital community embedded in the growing urban fabric of Onehunga.

The architecture echoes the voices of the community as well as the aspirations of a modern society, mediating between local and global, private and public, collective and individual, formal and informal, and in doing so establishing its dynamic identity. Striving towards relaxing the divisions between diverse programs, assisting the beauty of cultural images, and striving for an architecture that is fluid. A design harmonised and balanced by the social, cultural, and professional ambitions and programs, creating a space that sparks enthusiasm, culture, and most importantly giving back to the communities of Onehunga. Our proposal is a symphony of spaces and programs fulfilled by an intense exploration through Grasshopper, Ladybug, Diva, Pedsim, Kangaroo, and HoneyBee (etc) letting go of certain authorities in order to maximise climate reactions, and user experience outcomes whilst maintaining that human touch.

Blurring boundaries and evoking emotional resonance between people and architecture. A new urban ensemble.