The Reconnection

2020, D1

The “Reconnection” is a public lookout, located in Eastern Beach. My primary purpose for this architecture is to design a communal space for friends and family, to socialize and connect. Furthermore, reflection on our lives and appreciate the things others around. The public space embraces the complexity of ground conditions and integrate historical references, ecological past and focuses on all users, both human and other non-human species. Within the design, I’ve explored the threshold between the over and under. This is possible through creating a juxtaposition space of light and dark. The journey through the contemporary lookout has an entrance at the bottom platform, aims to guide the visitors up the spiral ramp (the heart of the design) through the manipulation of the natural sunroof light. During this transition in space, I focused on creating a clear threshold where I played around with light and dark. The building is rooted in the typography and is metaphorically a living organism. Creating an idea that the building has a conscious mind, bringing life into the building.